Q- "what's does theblacktongue mean?"

A- we chose the name theblacktongue for our brand because we feel as if we are the voice of the voiceless. We speak a dialect or TONGUE of darkness and BLACK thoughts and emotions that most people go through but can't allow themselves to express, those taboo topics that if spoken upon at certain forums could really ruin everybody's mood. theblacktongue as a brand dedicates itself to bringing the obscure, the darkness and BLACK subject matter to light.

Q - "what's up with the number 64".

A - the number 64 is a number that represents us and all people like us, 64 is the number of destiny for us, 64 is also a significant number in a school setting, because 64 is the last failing number grade before you get to the "passing grade" of 65. So 64, for us represents always being alienated, outcasted and not "getting by" by society's standards but being successful by our own standards.